Hisashi is a professional koto player and composer based in Tokyo, Japan.

He has built a wealth of experience playing the koto, both in Japan and overseas. His venues include TOKYO BIG SIGHT (Tokyo International Exhibition Center), Nihon Ki-in (Central Place for Traditional Japanese Board Game \”Go\”), Off-Broadway NY (Acorn Theatre), as well as several other events and festivals.

His career in music has given him the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, including Japan, the U.S., the UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Portugal. He has taken part in several recording sessions for music composers, producers, record labels, award-nominated composer and a prize-winning composer.

As a composer, he specializes in a mixed style of modern music and traditional Japanese music.

He has composed music for singers, dance projects, promotion videos, art projects etc. In the 2022 Petrichor International Music Competition, he was selected as a semi-finalist.

His music style was established through his own unique music carreer. He has been familiar with traditional Japanese music since he was born because his mother is a koto teacher. He also started playing the piano when he was 6 and he started playing the drums in a rock band when he was 13. He has been a member of many rock/metal band as a drummer and composer. He also has a passion for electronic music and experiments with modern sound making by sampling traditional Japanese instruments.

He studied music under professional Japanese composers: Noriyoshi Funabashi (popular music theory) and Ino (Western music theory and orchestration).